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OfWealth is an online financial publishing business. Its aim is to explain global investment in simple terms to private investors based anywhere in the world. We have a fast expanding global audience of readers.

Managing and growing your wealth can seem like a big challenge, whether it’s your pension fund or other savings and investments. But with a little time and a methodical approach anyone can do it successfully, meaning that profits will follow.

If you’re a private investor looking for profitable ideas, or want to get started with investing your savings, then OfWealth is ideal for you. We aim to cut through the noise, and provide clear, easy-to-understand, and original explanations and analysis.

Rob Marstrand, Founder

The worlds of finance and investment can seem complex and alien a lot of the time. They’re loaded with jargon and acronyms, and experts use confusing mathematical formulae that are as likely to confuse as to explain.

This leaves non-experts who have money to invest at the mercy of bankers, brokers and the mainstream financial media. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s perfectly possible for someone without a formal financial training to be a highly successful private investor. All that’s required is the right information, a modest amount of time and a reasonable degree of organisation.

Successful private investors need a more global mindset than before. The world is changing fast. Wealth and power are shifting to new regions. At OfWealth our team is fully international and we use our experience to find the best opportunities for investors – and avoid the pitfalls. Importantly, all our research is completely independent and unbiased.

If we’re doing our job properly here at OfWealth then anyone will be able to read our coverage of complex investment subjects and understand them with ease. Our readers learn about how to invest, what to invest in for profit, and what to avoid. Sometimes, as unlikely as it seems, we even manage to make it entertaining.

Rob Marstrand started OfWealth with these issues and aims in mind.

About Robert Marstrand

Rob Marstrand is the founder of OfWealth. Before that he spent 15 years working for global investment bank UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager and stock trader with headquarters in Switzerland. During that time he was based in London, Zurich and Hong Kong and worked in many countries around the world.

After that, he was Chief Investment Strategist for the Bonner & Partners Family Office for five years. It was set up by Agora founder Bill Bonner to help wealthy families, mainly from the USA and Europe, to achieve successful inter-generational wealth transfer and profitable long-term investment strategies.

Rob has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past eight years. Given the country’s long history of economic turmoil it’s the perfect place to learn about financial crises.

To find out more about Rob Marstrand and why he used to write as Marco Polo click here.

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