Rob Marstrand

Rob is the founder of OfWealth, a service that aims to explain to private investors, in simple terms, how to maximise their investment success in world markets. Before that he spent 15 years working for investment bank UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager and stock trader with headquarters in Switzerland. During that time he was based in London, Zurich and Hong Kong and worked in many countries, especially throughout Asia. After that he was Chief Investment Strategist for the Bonner & Partners Family Office for four years, a project set up by Agora founder Bill Bonner that focuses on successful inter-generational wealth transfer and long term investment. Rob has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past eight years, which is the perfect place to learn about financial crises.

Recent Posts by Rob Marstrand

US business report card in 2017

The USA, rightly, has a reputation for massive success in private enterprise. Vast wealth has amassed within its borders, built on optimism, a “can do” attitude, and strong institutions. The... Read more »

The best places to own stocks

 The world has changed dramatically in the past 10 to 20 years. A wave of rapid economic growth in emerging markets has started a huge rebalancing of global wealth and power. Investors who rode the... Read more »

The biggest waste of corporate cash

The main job of CEOs of big corporations is to allocate capital. Few of them - having grown up in sales or product development - know much about it, even if they mean well. So it’s no surprise... Read more »

Analysts predict US dollar will rise…or fall

Don’t believe the scare stories. The US dollar will remain by far the world’s most important currency for many decades to come. This means that what happens to the dollar affects investment... Read more »

Tusk misses the elephant in the room

Who said the following things? “My government is in no sense anti-Russian.” “I got into politics a little bit by chance.” “Politics itself is not sacred any more.” Nope, it wasn’t... Read more »
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