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The articles below are what we consider to be our essential reading, they highlight the publications that cover the crucial investment basics that every private investor must understand. Go ahead and read them:

Floor of the New York Stock Exchange 1963
Investment Strategy

Why long term investors win, short term traders lose

Here at OfWealth we’re all about investing. Studying and sifting to find the best assets to own for the medium … 1448
Gold in hands
Gold and Precious Metals

Why the gold bull market is back on

So far during 2014 the price of gold is up 9%, measured in US dollars. But between September 2011 and … 1501
Stocks and Shares

The best stock market in the world

If someone says “stock market” most people think “USA”. That country has a share of world stock market value much … 1924
Investment Strategy

Learn to control your inner monkey

Ooh-bi-doo, I wanna be like you I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too You see it’s true, an … 1846
Economic Crisis

Why the European depression continues

The economic crisis in Europe started a full seven years ago, initially triggered by the financial meltdown in the USA, … 1397
Stocks and Shares

The best stock market for the next decade

If you had to guess, which of these stock markets would you say were the best and worst performers since … 5384
Investment Strategy

A common investor error to avoid (Part II of II)

The use of stop losses doesn’t make sense for the private value investor. But, as explained in part I, lots … 1358
Banking in the EU

Europe shoots itself in the foot….again

Geisha are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.

No silver bullet for Japanese Stocks


The simple secrets of Stock market Profits