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The articles below are what we consider to be our essential reading, they highlight the publications that cover the crucial investment basics that every private investor must understand. Go ahead and read them:

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Wealth Tree: 50 Different Ways to Invest your Money

Do you want to be rich? Well, first you’ve got to get hold of some wealth. To do that you … 516
Economic Crisis

Money and the “missing link” – Part I

What is “money”? Do you know where it comes from? Not even one in a thousand finance professionals could answer … 495
Economic Crisis

Let’s print more money!

Last night, as I uncomfortably jetted southwards across the Atlantic ocean, a reminder of our strange times was hitting the … 471

The Japanese emperor’s not so new clothes

Nobody would confess that he couldn’t see anything, for that would prove him either unfit for his position or a … 454
North America

The big Q about US stocks

Why do you invest? Is it for profit or for loss? Those may seem like questions with obvious answers. But … 468
Investment Strategy

A common investor error to avoid (Part II of II)

The use of stop losses doesn’t make sense for the private value investor. But, as explained in part I, lots … 476
Stocks and Shares

The best stock market for the next decade

If you had to guess, which of these stock markets would you say were the best and worst performers since … 4474

What goes up must come down


The best stock markets to invest in

50 ways to invest Infographic

50 different ways to invest (INFOGRAPHIC)