In recent weeks I received messages from a number of interested, but still sceptical, OfWealth Briefing readers. They wanted to know how my recommendations are performing in OfWealth 3D Stock Investor. That’s why I’m laying it out today. 

Although it’s only been a relatively short time period, especially for the most recent picks, performance has been strong. This was despite volatile stock markets, with big down legs in January/February and again in March. I believe this is a clear demonstration of the power of my G.I.V. System when put into practice, and the need to be selective and disciplined.

In general, I don’t seek to benchmark against the S&P 500 index of US stocks. The aim is simply for strong returns over the medium to long run. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see how my recommendations have performed in the context of general market moves, given unsettled markets.

To that end, a chart follows which shows the progress of the S&P 500 over that time. I’ve added markers for when I’ve made my recommendations. By each marker, I’ve added the percentage profit so far in US$ terms, including price moves (all positive) and cash dividends received.


The average return is 7.1% so far. That’s extremely strong over an average holding period of just 106 days, or about three and a half months. Of course, it’s still been a relatively short time since most of these recommendations were made. But the early results are extremely promising – especially given the broad market conditions.

Any serious stock investor would know that’s a great result.

So what are these stocks? I can’t reveal full details here, as that’s reserved for full members of OfWealth3D Stock Investor. But I can certainly give you a taste of the companies, and why I like their stocks. Here are some descriptions of the companies, in the order that I recommended them (note that all stocks are easily tradable in US markets):

  • A premium car company with global operations and sector-leading profit margins. It has a substantial business in the fast-growing Asian market and a dividend yield of 4.4%.
  • A long-established life insurance and pension company that’s benefitting from ageing populations in developed countries and rapid wealth growth in Asia. It has a large and expanding US business, but the jewel in the crown is the fast-growing Asian business, which already makes up a third of profits.
  • A global market leader in equipment for renewable power generation. It’s cash-rich and makes big distributions to shareholders, via both dividends and stock buybacks.
  • An entertainment company that runs branded theme parks and other tourist attractions. You’d certainly recognise at least some of the brands. It’s busy expanding further, especially in the US and Asia.
  • A world-class global clothing retailer, with operations split roughly evenly between developed and emerging market countries. It has a fast-growing online sales business, is adding stores, and has no debt.
  • A manufacturer of specialist auto parts for the global car industry. It dominates its niche and owns many technology patents to protect its position. Its products are included in more and more car models. All production is inside the US, but 70% is exported. This makes it a major beneficiary of recent cuts to US corporate taxes.

These companies are all very different. That’s deliberate, to ensure diversification. Also, some of the stocks are more skewed to growth and others to dividend income. But all have elements of both in the profit mix.

Despite the differences, all the stocks share a few crucial things in common:

  1. They all have a solid financial condition, in some cases with zero debt and big cash reserves.
  2. They’re all among the market leaders in their businesses.
  3. All their stocks are trading far too cheaply in my view. Each for a different reason, but all providing significant potential price upside to investors.

The following table provides a little more detail of where things currently stand.

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