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I’m Rob Marstrand, the founder of OfWealth. As an investor myself, I fully realise that the overall goal of any investment is simple: to make a profit. 

But, I also know from first hand experience how important it is to have a sound, systematic approach that consistently achieves profits.  

The first thing you must do is to balance two factors, right from the start:

 1. The potential profit from an investment

 2. The potential risk involved in owning that investment

It should go without saying that the investments that offer the best returns, combined with relatively modest risks, are the ones most likely to succeed. 

They’re also the hardest to find.

Now, you could take the approach of rooting around in the market until you find familiar stocks and hope they pay off.

Or you could rely on my 24 years of financial experience to do the heavy lifting, in-depth research and detailed analysis for you.

Thousands of subscribers to my free OfWealth Briefing have already witnessed my ability to pick profitable stock market investments.

For example, one recommendation made in October 2014 gained 52%. Another from February 2017 made 38% in less than eight months. 

In fact, in the three years to October 2017, my periodic recommendations made an average profit of 15.7% a year.

Any serious stock investor would know that’s a great result.

Now I want to take things to the next level, with even more focused and frequent stock recommendations, each with high profit potential.

That’s why I’ve created a new service for private investors, just like you, called OfWealth Stock Investor. 

  • "I am eagerly awaiting your next Stock Investor report. I think your first report was excellent...well researched, well organized, and well written. You include informative charts and graphs and I have to say most of all, convincing arguments."

- Rodney W., Canada

Here’s what sets OfWealth Stock Investor apart: 

  • As a member, each month (for 12 months) you’ll get an in-depth report sent by email that includes a new stock recommendation, and full explanation of why it has major profit potential.
  • My personal promise to you is that I’ll never recommend any stock that I wouldn’t happily invest my own money into. That way, you can be sure that you’ll get an honest look at every single recommendation.
  • All stocks are screened using my unique “G.I.V. system”. This takes a close look at the three potential profit drivers of any stock investment: Growth, Income and Valuation upside. Only those stocks with the best combined scores get through.
  • Buy, hold or sell? I will track all recommendations and let you know what to do, with special stock alert messages if needed.
  • Each monthly report also includes detailed performance tracking for previously recommended stocks, plus a portfolio review that covers any major developments. 

These kinds of exclusive investment reports are usually priced at more than $1,000 a year (US dollars). In fact, my ex-employer advised me that I should price this one at $1,500.

But I want to make an exclusive introductory offer to you, which will guarantee you a low price for life. For that reason I’m asking just $295 for 12 monthly issues, which is an 80% discount to the full price.  

Sign up today for an annual subscription price of just $295. 

That’s 12 in-depth, investor-ready issues for less than $25 a month; a true bargain given that each investment could make you thousands - or even tens of thousands - of dollars of profit. 

I’m so confident that you’ll like OfWealth Stock Investor that the service is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Even if you cancel your membership, you still get to keep past reports.

If you’re ready to take hold of your financial future then I encourage you to subscribe to OfWealth Stock Investor and invest in your own future.

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