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Investment Strategy

Does real estate investment beat stocks?

A recent study made this claim: “residential real-estate, not equity [stocks], has been the best long run investment over the … 1 5
Investment Strategy

IMPORTANT: Updated portfolio allocations

On 29th September last year I made a recommendation of how to split your financial investments. It was based on … 0 27
Economic Crisis

US stocks back in 1929-style bubble

There have been three major bubbles in US stock market history. The biggest ran between 1997 and 2001, caused by … 0 54

Stay away from the UK

Recently I was in England visiting family. The place seems to be ticking along okay. Especially given the Brexit uncertainties, … 0 35
Economic Crisis

The debt zombies will overwhelm us (again)

“To kill zombies you need to destroy their brains.” Such was the wisdom yielded by an internet search to solve … 0 30
Investment Strategy

World wealth: where it is and how it’s invested

Global private financial wealth grew at a 5.3% clip in 2016, according to a recent report by Boston Consulting Group … 0 52
Stocks and Shares

Deutsche Bank stock: another buying opportunity

Deutsche Bank’s turnaround continues. Last week saw the publication of second quarter results. Planned cost cutting is on track, but … 0 60
Investment Strategy

All ETF investors need to read this

Fund managers are constantly creating new investment funds as they scrabble around to attract assets and earn fees. Some are … 0 100
Economic Crisis

Crisis bargains in today’s investment markets

This week OfWealth is looking at the idea of taking some of your investments on a “crisis vacation” from time … 0 90
Investment Strategy

Take your investments on a “crisis vacation”

Twenty years ago this month, in July 1997, the Asian crisis got underway. Starting in Thailand, many countries were caught … 0 90
Economic Crisis

US & UK: Opposite data, same conclusion!

When an economy gets into trouble, do people save more or save less? Recent and opposite data in the US … 0 102