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Cryptocurrencies: boom or bubble?

Cryptocurrencies raise some serious questions about the nature of money and whether it should be entrusted to governments and banks … 0 8
Latin America

Brazil’s wake up call for investors

Just before going to bed last night I flicked on the local news here in Buenos Aires. That was the … 0 19
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Have I been wrong about expensive US stocks?

US stocks look expensive by just about any measure. But even when you buy near the top of the market … 0 1271
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Where to find growth AND value in today’s markets

Developed market stocks are mostly expensive. Emerging markets mostly aren’t.  Developed countries are mostly structurally low growth economies. Emerging market … 0 47
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Seven charts that show why EM stocks will outperform

Emerging market stocks had a rough ride in recent years, leaving them trading at relatively cheap levels. Despite this, emerging … 0 38
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Will US corporate tax cuts really boost profits?

A lot of the latest puff in the US stock market is based on the expectation of a big cut … 0 42

How to choose the best ETF for the job

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an easy and cheap way to invest in stocks. But often there are many ETFs … 0 51
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Stock alert: Deutsche Bank is still dirt cheap

Last year practically everyone hated Deutsche Bank (XETRA:DBK / NYSE:DB) and the stock crashed. I reckoned the fears were severely … 0 55

The hated stock market that beats the USA

There’s a currently hated stock market that’s still performed better than the US over the past couple of decades. Right … 0 59
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This never seen chart clearly shows the S&P 500 is expensive

Different investors focus on different things. One of my favourite measures is the CAPE ratio – also known as the … 0 70

Snap UK election good for Brexit Britain

“I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion.” So claimed the United Kingdom’s prime minister, Theresa May, as … 0 77