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China’s staggering global project

China has a global, multi-decade mega project. Even if you’ve heard of it before, the chances are you don’t know … 0 11

Chinese A-share upgrade by MSCI: what it really means

It finally happened. After many years of near misses, index provider MSCI has finally agreed to include certain domestic Chinese … 0 20
Latin America

Argentina seduces desperate investors

Back in the 1990s. there was a British TV commercial for a drink called Orange Tango. An unsuspecting guy tasted … 0 29
Gold and Precious Metals

Why’s everyone ignoring gold’s bull market?

You wouldn’t know it from reading coverage of the markets, but gold has been doing rather well this year. That’s … 0 36
Stocks and Shares

When low bond yields don’t prop up stocks

A common justification for high stock valuations is that interest rates are low, and likely to stay that way. But … 0 52
Economic Crisis

Warning:These housing bubbles are bigger than 2006

Real estate matters. For most people, their house is their biggest asset. Banks usually lend more money against property than … 0 92
Investment Strategy

Is high risk speculation worth it?

There’s a constant temptation to speculate on high risk investments that offer the potential for massive returns. Unfortunately they also … 0 54
North America

Is the US stock bubble as big as early 2000?

Pretty much everyone knows by now that US stocks are expensive. But one important measure shows the market is level … 0 60
North America

Are US traders taking record levels of valium?

US political intrigue…a resurgent Labour party in the UK polls…North Korea…Syria…the Manchester bombing…Greek debt (again)…potential early Italian elections…Brazilian impeachment…looming protectionism … 0 60
Outside the Box

Bitcoin goes berserk

The price of Bitcoin is up 19% since I wrote about cryptocurrencies just two days ago. In two days! Oh … 0 95
Outside the Box

Cryptocurrencies: boom or bubble?

Cryptocurrencies raise some serious questions about the nature of money and whether it should be entrusted to governments and banks … 1 109