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Gold and Precious Metals

“Oh Jesus, make it stop!”

Yawn. Zzzzzzz….. Take a deep breath (literally), and read the following aloud…. “At its January meeting, the Committee stated that … 0 9
Stocks and Shares

How do you know when stocks are “cheap”?

Stocks have had a very strong start to 2019, across most of the world. The MSCI All-Countries World Index (ACWI), … 0 52
Stocks and Shares

If I was only allowed one investment, this is it

About 25 years ago, I was a fresh-faced graduate trainee at a leading investment bank in London. One day, my … 0 34
Stocks and Shares

Why stocks are 100 times better than cash deposits

Everyone with any money – whether gained from savings or inheritance – faces the same question. What should I do … 0 53
Economic Crisis

Is America “close to a major crash”?

The US economy looks like it’s in pretty good shape. But a question from a reader prompted me to think … 0 67
Investment Strategy

How the wealthy invest

All investors can learn from what the wealthiest are up to. Whatever the size of your investments, the basic strategies … 0 70
Stocks and Shares

US stocks include less “tech” than people think

It’s well known that US stocks, overall, are some of the most expensive in the world. One reason that’s given … 0 53

Why German stocks look attractive

Over the long run, German stocks have matched the performance of US stocks. But they’ve lagged behind in recent years, … 0 73
Investment Strategy

Message from China: “Mess with us and we’ll mess back”

Buenos Aires, Argentina This morning, I saw a woman crossing the road. That’s an ordinary, mundane, everyday occurrence. But this … 0 98
North America

Has socialism reached the US?

Buenos Aires, Argentina I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of what’s going on the world, with … 0 81
Investment Strategy

Saving, investing and how much to put in stocks

Sussex, England “All my friends have got one. They’re pretty cool.” My London-based, 25 year-old niece was showing me her … 0 125