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Economic Crisis

The country that’s banned its own money

You’d think that any coins and notes that qualify as “legal tender” would be widely accepted in the country where … 0 15
Investment Strategy

Stock options: Don’t be tempted to sell crash insurance

Options are complex and confusing beasts. Yet they’re often sold to the unwary as if they’re some kind of magic … 0 17
Gold and Precious Metals

The new gold buyers

Everyone should own some physical gold. In a “good” world – with vast, fast growing, gold-hungry emerging markets like India … 0 29
Gold and Precious Metals

What’s the best “physical gold”, bars or coins?

Last week I took a close look at the defensive qualities of my recommended portfolio allocation in “Defend your portfolio … 0 33
Investment Strategy

This is how the wealthy invest

OfWealth has a recommended portfolio allocation for liquid (easily traded), financial investments. As such it excludes physical real estate but … 0 39
Investment Strategy

Defend your portfolio from war

There are always risks in investment. How you should invest at a given point in time depends on their nature … 0 47

SELL ALERT: Take 30% profit on hedged Japan ETF

Last year I recommended an investment in cheap Japanese stocks, but with a currency hedge to protect against falls in … 0 43
Investment Strategy

Beware the temptation to trade too much

In a world of saturation level communication and instant data there’s a constant temptation to trade. This is just what … 0 46
Stocks and Shares

Another (worrying) record for US stocks

No one can predict when a market will crash. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t signs that the risks are … 0 62
Investment Strategy

The REIT approach to real estate investment

As investments go, real estate is pretty easy to understand. But directly owned and managed properties can be a lot … 0 70
Investment Strategy

Real estate investment horror stories

Some call it “real estate”, others call it “property”. Either way, it’s a huge asset class that a great many … 0 79