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Latin America

From Mexico City: caution required with Mexican stocks

This week I’m in Mexico City. Mexican stocks have underperformed emerging markets over the past decade. But they don’t look … 0 12
Economic Crisis

Will rising rates pop the world’s housing bubbles?

Almost 10 years ago, in May 2008, I sold my apartment in London before emigrating to Argentina. That was at … 0 44
Stocks and Shares

The “double compounding” power of stocks

“Stocks for the long run” may be an investment cliché. But, assuming the purpose of investing is to make a … 0 26
Stocks and Shares

Is the market’s debt orgy reaching its climax?

In recent years, US stocks have been pumped higher and higher as investors and companies have enjoyed an orgy of … 0 35
Stocks and Shares

US stocks: irrational complacency amid huge risks

“S&P index earnings are forecast to grow more than 20%” says Bloomberg. US consumer confidence is at a 17 year … 0 47
Stocks and Shares

Savvy stock investors know this valuation secret – Part II of II

Last time I started to look at where bond and stock values come from (see Part I). The crucial point, … 0 60
Stocks and Shares

Savvy stock investors know this valuation secret – Part I of II

What makes a stock worth a certain amount? Did you know that most of the value of a stock derives … 0 80
Stocks and Shares

Deutsche Bank: terrible sentiment, huge upside remains

Deutsche Bank (XETRA:DBK / NYSE:DB) reported terrible headline results in the fourth quarter of 2017, but these were mainly short … 0 83
Investment Strategy

Markets wobble. What you should do.

Crash. Turmoil. Plunge. Rout. These are just some of the words used to describe what’s happened in markets in the … 0 88
Investment Strategy

Why, how (and whether) to reinvest your dividends

Profit compounding is one of the most powerful forces that investors benefit from, over the long term. To get its … 0 95
Investment Strategy

How many different stocks should you own? (Part II of II)

In the last OfWealth Briefing I started looking at the important question of how many different stocks you should own, … 0 107