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What to look out for in 2018

With only two weeks of the year left, it’s time to think about what to look out for in 2018. … 0 1004
Investment Strategy

What did we learn in 2017?

The year 2017 of the Gregorian calendar is creaking to a close. Most mainstream investments did well in the year … 0 17
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When the CAPE ratio fails

No valuation ratio is perfect. All have their pros and cons. But one of the usually more reliable ones – … 0 20
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Is this the most expensive stock market in the world?

It’s a fundamental truth of investing that – all other things being equal – investors in stocks make more profit … 0 39

The world’s cheapest stock market

Success in investing is all about improving the chances of consistently making healthy profits. The single most reliable way to … 0 62
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Should you invest in “micro-cap” stocks?

“Micro-cap” stocks are the relative minnows of the stock markets. People invest in them in the hope that they grow … 0 55
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Would you invest in US stocks?

Profits from stocks come from three potential sources: company growth, income from dividends (or stock buybacks) and an increase in … 0 73
Investment Strategy

The advantages of being a private investor

As a private investor, it’s easy to believe that you’re at a disadvantage to the smooth talking financial professionals. Indeed, … 0 75
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The crypto craze continues

Bitcoin this…crypto that…blockchain the other. It seems like I can’t get through any conversation, let alone a day, without someone … 0 108
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General Electric: down 37% this year and still overpriced

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), the huge American industrial conglomerate, is having a hard time. The stock is down 37% this … 0 108
Investment Strategy

“We’re going to die!”

With only six weeks to go until the long summer holiday (in the southern hemisphere), my kids tend to get … 0 107