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Economic Crisis

Faking GDP growth: in the US and elsewhere

Structural factors make low economic growth a virtual certainty in the US and most other developed countries. But that doesn’t … 0 7
Stocks and Shares

OfWealth’s stock buy list today

The historical evidence is clear, across all countries. Stocks are a great place to invest for your future. Except in … 0 31
Natural Resources

A hated commodity with huge upside

There’s one commodity that’s down three quarters from its 2011 level, and even more from its 2007 peak. But it … 0 242
Natural Resources

The problems with commodity funds

In general, I’m not a big fan of commodity investing. Commodities are highly speculative, meaning massive potential upside but also … 0 34
Outside the Box

The World, 50 years from now

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down for a game of Risk, something I haven’t done since university. Risk … 0 62
Latin America

Investors in Argentina get a wake-up call

Argentina is slowly on the mend. But, after seven decades since Peronism first reared its ugly head, there’s a hell … 7 86

Is it time to invest in South Korea again?

As tensions reached boiling point on the Korean peninsula, in mid-2017, I recommended exiting positions in South Korean stocks. With … 0 71
In other news

Bundesbank Puts on Exhibition to Showcase to the Public

Bundesbank Recalls Half of All Foreign Bullion, Puts on Exhibition to Showcase to the Public The Bundesbank has exhibited its … 0 50
Investment Strategy

Busting a myth about closed-end funds (CEFs)

Many investment analysts recommend buying closed-end funds (CEFs) when they’re supposedly trading at a big “discount”. In fact, as I … 0 62
Economic Crisis

A snapshot of the state of the World (in charts)

It’s easy to get distracted by immediate developments and daily news flow. But it pays to keep an eye on … 0 67
Stocks and Shares

General Electric: down 77% and STILL overpriced

Back in November, when General Electric (NYSE:GE) stock traded at $19.92, I argued it was still substantially overpriced. Today, with … 0 75