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Gold and Precious Metals

Shark attack?

Rocha, Uruguay A worrying chart below…but first an update on my sojourn in Uruguay. Yesterday morning, a large group (pod?) … 0 3
Investment Strategy

After 2018’s falls, there are some cheap stock markets

Rocha, Uruguay At the beach house, the nocturnal toads that keep me company at dinner time are happy. The rain … 0 32
Investment Strategy

How did my asset allocation perform in 2018?

Last year was a difficult one for investors. Every major asset class lost money, meaning there were few places to … 0 34
Investment Strategy

My selected Top 10 reads of 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina We’re rapidly getting close to the end of the year. And, let’s face it, it’s been a … 0 47
Stocks and Shares

Strip out Amazon Inc. and US stocks look cheap

There are many stock valuation ratios. None is perfect, and all can give false readings at times. Right now, I … 0 64

Don’t expect a happy, Hollywood-style ending…

Buenos Aires, Argentina Let’s see…stocks are up a bit today…gold is edging higher ($1,245 per ounce)…Argentine airline pilots are threatening … 0 60
Stocks and Shares

Deutsche Bank hits new lows. Opportunity or end game?

Deutsche Bank stock has hit new lows. This is partly driven by general pressure on financial stocks, but also by … 0 80
Investment Strategy

Is there an “everything bubble”?

Buenos Aires, Argentina The G20 summit begins in Buenos Aires tomorrow. The lockdown has truly begun, as security forces are … 0 69
Latin America

Buenos Aires prepares for G20 lockdown

Buenos Aires, Argentina Stocks jumped on Monday, as the US market reopened for business after the Thanksgiving holiday. Today, they’re … 0 82
Outside the Box

Is the booming art market the “canary in the coal mine”

Buenos Aires, Argentina US markets are closed today for the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the same as saying that half the … 0 100
North America

Are huge corporate debts finally worrying stocks?

Buenos Aires, Argentina Global stock markets resumed a downward slide in the past couple of days. In the US, with … 0 112