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Economic Crisis

Is the collapse of US growth inevitable?

Over the past 150 years or so, today’s developed countries achieved their lofty status. Incomes and standards of living rocketed … 0 15
Lunch is for humans
Outside the Box

Wall Street pay has imploded. Will you be next?

It’s been a decade since the global financial crisis started in earnest.  Wall Street pay has imploded since then, and … 0 17

The surprising boom in Japanese profits

Japan has been in a funk since 1990. Or so most people tend to think. But Japanese corporate profits have … 0 33

Europe dodges a bullet

There were huge sighs of relief today within the European Union’s establishment. Fewer Dutch people than expected voted yesterday for … 0 36
Stocks and Shares

The thrills and spills of hot tech stocks

New technologies are what drive “progress”, for good or ill. But just because a company creates something useful or desirable … 0 68
Stocks and Shares

Why I never trade stock options

“Free money with a few clicks using this Wall Street secret!” Who wouldn’t want that? It’s the sort of thing … 0 91
Stocks and Shares

Why the Deutsche Bank capital raise is not negative

Last week I provided an update on Deutsche Bank stock. It’s a deeply discounted turnaround opportunity that I spotted last … 0 106
Stocks and Shares

Deutsche Bank stock: up 65% but still cheap

In late July 2016 I recommended buying shares in Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s biggest investment banks. Most people … 0 62

My special mission to China…

In late 2001 I was dispatched to China on a special mission. A decade and a half after I arrived … 0 53
Stocks and Shares

Good (and bad) reasons to sell your stocks

A lot gets written about what you should buy or avoid buying, including here at OfWealth. But I find there’s … 0 62
North America

US business report card in 2017

The USA, rightly, has a reputation for massive success in private enterprise. Vast wealth has amassed within its borders, built … 0 54