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Is China about to implode?

Buenos Aires, Argentina Last night I was at a party. It was an elegant crowd, gathered in a garden around … 0 138
Economic Crisis

The “multiple uncertainties” that are on my mind

Buenos Aires, Argentina Heavy rainstorms swept through Buenos Aires in the past few days. Lightning flashed, thunder cracked, streets were … 0 106
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2018: the year of the US dollar

Buenos Aires, Argentina All eyes are focused on the US midterm elections today. In this era, where politics has descended … 0 139
Stocks and Shares

Time travel, new taxes and GE collapses (further)

Buenos Aires, Argentina On Sunday, I flew back from New Zealand to my chosen home in Argentina. It was the … 0 151
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Stock sell-off accelerates

Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand The time zone in New Zealand takes some getting used to for a newbie like … 0 158
Economic Crisis

A short note to myself about market crises

Buenos Aires, Argentina Just a short note today, as I’m hopping on a plane later and heading west across the … 0 174
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When the wind blows

Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top When the wind blows the cradle will rock When the bough breaks the cradle … 0 165

The “cheap” Asian stock market that’s also high risk

Most of the time, if you could pick up a developed country stock index with a price-to-earnings ratio below 12 … 0 193
Economic Crisis

What causes a financial crisis? Too much faith or too little?

Question one: What causes a massive loss of faith in a country’s political and financial systems? Answer: About a century … 0 183
North America

Three interesting charts about the US

Another day in Argentina. There’s a general strike today (again), meaning no public transport and major inconvenience for most people. … 0 184
Investment Strategy

Pyramids, profits and how to get the most from stocks

It’s well-established that stocks beat bonds and cash in the long run. The historical record is indisputable. But the standard … 0 184