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The “paradox of inflation” for stocks…and a potentially massive opportunity

Sussex, England “…murmur murmur murmur Brexit mumble mumble mumble Brexit mutter mutter mutter Brexit…” Repeat endlessly…ad infinitum… For as long … 0 327

From hot to cold

Buenos Aires, Argentina I’m in transit. Late last night I got back to Buenos Aires from Uruguay, driving most of … 0 303

After 2018’s sharp drop, are Chinese stocks cheap enough?

Chinese stocks go through frequent cycles of boom and bust. The market saw major peaks in October 2007, May 2015 … 0 333
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Shark attack?

Rocha, Uruguay A worrying chart below…but first an update on my sojourn in Uruguay. Yesterday morning, a large group (pod?) … 0 375
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After 2018’s falls, there are some cheap stock markets

Rocha, Uruguay At the beach house, the nocturnal toads that keep me company at dinner time are happy. The rain … 0 381
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How did my asset allocation perform in 2018?

Last year was a difficult one for investors. Every major asset class lost money, meaning there were few places to … 0 377
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My selected Top 10 reads of 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina We’re rapidly getting close to the end of the year. And, let’s face it, it’s been a … 0 337
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Strip out Amazon Inc. and US stocks look cheap

There are many stock valuation ratios. None is perfect, and all can give false readings at times. Right now, I … 0 365

Don’t expect a happy, Hollywood-style ending…

Buenos Aires, Argentina Let’s see…stocks are up a bit today…gold is edging higher ($1,245 per ounce)…Argentine airline pilots are threatening … 0 364
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Deutsche Bank hits new lows. Opportunity or end game?

Deutsche Bank stock has hit new lows. This is partly driven by general pressure on financial stocks, but also by … 0 388
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Is there an “everything bubble”?

Buenos Aires, Argentina The G20 summit begins in Buenos Aires tomorrow. The lockdown has truly begun, as security forces are … 0 355