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Are stocks in this rich country as cheap as they look?

Singapore is small but exceedingly wealthy, with rock solid government finances. It’s also in a strategic location in Asia, the … 0 251
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Busting some myths about stock buybacks

There are two ways that companies distribute cash to shareholders: dividends and stock buybacks. In the case of the S&P … 0 215
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At this level, does Amazon stock make sense?

Investors in stock of Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) have made out like bandits in the past. Anyone who bought it 21 … 0 231
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2018’s “Dogs of the World” (stock market wrap)

During 2018, up until May, the world’s major stock markets had similar performance. Since then, the US has pushed higher … 0 248
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From the Amazon bubble to the gold mining bust

The trillion dollar “mostly empty box”. Earlier in the week, Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) grabbed headlines again. That’s as it temporarily … 0 226
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Argentina’s currency collapse (hype hits reality)

Yesterday (Wednesday 29th August) the Argentine peso lost over 7% against the US dollar. Today it lost another 12.5%. It’s … 10 371
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Ferraris, real estate or stocks?

Buenos Aires, Argentina Last week’s lunch at the American Club in Buenos Aires was thoroughly enjoyable. Around 12 of us … 0 225
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MAGA: Mission Accomplished?

Well that was easy! After less than two years in office, Trump says it’s “mission accomplished.” A presidential tweet: I … 0 211
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Is (most of) the S&P 500 much cheaper than it looks?

“S&P Hits an All-Time High.” So ran a headline today on Bloomberg. The moment, at 12.54pm, was fleeting – the … 1 259
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Are US stocks still overpriced?

After the spike and correction in the first quarter, US stocks have resumed their grind towards higher ground. Valuations remain … 1 261
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Turkey gets roasted

Just last Thursday I highlighted how Turkish stocks were approaching their 2009 lows, in dollar terms. But I also said … 0 239