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Economic Crisis

Why it’s good news when the rich pay less tax

Okay, this one is about tax. Not the most exciting subject usually. But it’s important to understand that the way … 0 892
Nuclear Power Plant Cattenom, France - Stefan Kühn
Natural Resources

Is the uranium price about to go nuclear?

How are we going to keep the lights on without pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? Many people are … 0 881
Construction workers on bamboo scaffolding

Has Hong Kong peaked? (Part III of III)

On the face of it, Hong Kong stocks look pretty cheap by global standards. But I believe the bubble in … 0 953

Has Hong Kong peaked? (Part II of III)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong is in a frenzy following the arrival of a giant inflatable duck in … 0 849

Has Hong Kong peaked? (Part I of III)

One of the highlights of any visit to Hong Kong is a trip up to “The Peak”. This is a … 0 855
Stocks and Shares

Italian stocks could implode… Part II

In part one (Italian stocks could implode…Part I) I started explaining how a stock market like Italy needs some decent earnings … 0 873
Stocks and Shares

Italian stocks could implode… Part I

Stand aside! Stock analysts are getting desperate…Italian stocks could implode. Another day, and another optimistic email lands in the OfWealth … 0 976
Latin America

The best place to invest in South America?

A question for you: what’s long and thin and full of copper? Most people would probably answer an electric cable. … 3 1130
Economic Crisis

Stimulus or Austerity? No thanks!

Spain is a beautiful country with a long history, rich cultural heritage, and fine food. But its economy continues to … 1 855
North America

Eight reasons to avoid the US stock market

The cheerleaders for the US stock market have been out in force in recent months. Barely a day goes by … 0 867
Gold and Precious Metals

The real reasons to own gold

Gold has been attracting more and more attention in recent years. As recently as 2006 if you had suggested a … 0 873