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Economic Crisis

What causes a financial crisis? Too much faith or too little?

Question one: What causes a massive loss of faith in a country’s political and financial systems? Answer: About a century … 0 681
North America

Three interesting charts about the US

Another day in Argentina. There’s a general strike today (again), meaning no public transport and major inconvenience for most people. … 0 668
Investment Strategy

Pyramids, profits and how to get the most from stocks

It’s well-established that stocks beat bonds and cash in the long run. The historical record is indisputable. But the standard … 0 710

Are stocks in this rich country as cheap as they look?

Singapore is small but exceedingly wealthy, with rock solid government finances. It’s also in a strategic location in Asia, the … 0 805
Stocks and Shares

Busting some myths about stock buybacks

There are two ways that companies distribute cash to shareholders: dividends and stock buybacks. In the case of the S&P … 1 774
Stocks and Shares

At this level, does Amazon stock make sense?

Investors in stock of Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) have made out like bandits in the past. Anyone who bought it 21 … 0 838
Stocks and Shares

2018’s “Dogs of the World” (stock market wrap)

During 2018, up until May, the world’s major stock markets had similar performance. Since then, the US has pushed higher … 0 842
Stocks and Shares

From the Amazon bubble to the gold mining bust

The trillion dollar “mostly empty box”. Earlier in the week, Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) grabbed headlines again. That’s as it temporarily … 0 772
Latin America

Argentina’s currency collapse (hype hits reality)

Yesterday (Wednesday 29th August) the Argentine peso lost over 7% against the US dollar. Today it lost another 12.5%. It’s … 10 1158
Outside the Box

Ferraris, real estate or stocks?

Buenos Aires, Argentina Last week’s lunch at the American Club in Buenos Aires was thoroughly enjoyable. Around 12 of us … 0 716
North America

MAGA: Mission Accomplished?

Well that was easy! After less than two years in office, Trump says it’s “mission accomplished.” A presidential tweet: I … 0 712