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Is (most of) the S&P 500 much cheaper than it looks?

“S&P Hits an All-Time High.” So ran a headline today on Bloomberg. The moment, at 12.54pm, was fleeting – the … 1 747
Stocks and Shares

Are US stocks still overpriced?

After the spike and correction in the first quarter, US stocks have resumed their grind towards higher ground. Valuations remain … 1 768
Economic Crisis

Turkey gets roasted

Just last Thursday I highlighted how Turkish stocks were approaching their 2009 lows, in dollar terms. But I also said … 0 737
Investment Strategy

Impolitic politics

Back to Argentina…back to the big city…back to a massive new corruption and bribery scandal. It’s sweeping up senior functionaries … 0 720
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Blood-soaked FAANGs

Today I’ve decided to share a recent article written by Bill Bonner, a friend who I’ve worked with in the … 0 766
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Why consistency beats shooting for the moon

An age-old dilemma for investors is whether they should concentrate on solid investments, which are likely to result in more … 0 812
Economic Crisis

The hard lessons of populist failure

Today I want to share with you a recent email exchange I had with a reader named Patrick, who I … 0 736
Economic Crisis

Trade wars weigh on stocks…again

Global stock prices are under pressure as trade wars have come back on the agenda. US actions and rhetoric have … 0 835
Investment Strategy

Is there a right time to buy dividend stocks?

I’ve noticed that some dividend investors try to buy dividend stocks just before the companies make a payment. In reality, … 0 1016
Latin America

Brazil’s uncertain market outlook

The Brazilian stock market has been hammered in the last few months. In US dollar terms, it’s one of the … 0 856

Is it now safe to buy South Korean stocks?

Finally, the day came when Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in Singapore. It seems to have gone pretty well, … 0 874